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About break-ups….

…from the woman’s perspective…

I am one of those women who are usually the victims and not the wrong doers when it comes to break ups. And so are my girl friends…and maybe this is what makes us such good friends, the common experiences, the same values which make us fight in long lost battles for the sake of love, fidelity….and all that romantic nonsence that used to define us…

Nowadays my best friend passes through a very difficult moment and I try to be as supportive as I can and it is for the first time in my life when I can actually tell someone that I know exactly how he/she feels and it is perfectly true…because I’ve been there…and my blog is a testimony af my struggle with myself and with the old habits which die hard..

I think that I am getting too serious and this is not what I intended to write about but about the silly things people do when they break up…

One of the first things girls feel like doing is change something about themselves…

So they get a haircut, dye their hair..start a diet or on the contrary, they start eating chips and junk food.

Last year about this time I decided to dye my hair for the first time and the last time in my life…

Bad idea….but noone could convinge me then not to do it, and noone told me it was not the best choice…

Now my hair has returned to its natural dark colour and will remain the same but now my best friend is dying her hair and I even offered to help her…because this is what good friends are for…

To give you their advice but also support you when you decide to do the opposite..

There are various stages in break ups but the most important, as I have noticed are the following:

1. The…I must be dreaming stage. This cannot happen to me because WE are special, we love each-other more than the others…bla bla bla…

2. The I hate him/ I love him stage. You love and want him back this instance just to hate him the other second when you remember the bad things.

This stage lasts between a cauple of days or years, depending on the persons involved..

….to be continued


4 Responses

  1. =)) Funny/Sad but true… Parul meu va capata de maine o nuanta mai inchisa, cum am vrut-o dintotdeauna dar lui ii placea blondul meu spalacit :)))
    Bha.. ashtept continuarea (cine te-a intrerupt?!), banuiesc ca urmeaza faza cu “indiferenta” 😀


  2. 4 steps after a break-up:
    1.hate(because you still miss him, and you can’t forget him),
    2.neutral(you don’t care but you’re still thinking of him from time to time),
    3.you remember him on different ocasions!(and there is no more than a bitter taste in your heart)
    4.a sad memory!
    the order can be changed!


  3. asa…i’ll just take a wild guess…o sa fiu inventiva:
    1. consternare…
    2. “I’m too good for him! He doesn’t deserve me suffering”
    3. :((((((((((((((((((((( I want him back!!! How can I live without him?!?!?! I’m gonna die!!!!!!!
    4. It hurts everytime you think of him. Something snaps inside.
    5. U have moments when u realize that u stopped thinking about him.
    4. U pack your bags and get on with your life…which turns out pretty OK…
    6. U remember him from time to time. U smile. It was nice, afterall…You had good moments together. But it really doesn’t matter anymore. He was just guy…What you have now doesn’t compare to it…

    Nah… nush ce mi-a venit…I;d call it…the perfect brake-up…is it?


  4. scuze de numerotare:)))) e doar o ciorna…etapele se scriu, de fapt, cu sange si ani…
    Ok, am exagerat putin 😀
    miss u all!!!


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