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Good Omens

Great writers’ mix

What happens when you mix the ideas, witt and wisdom of two wonderful contemporary writers over one overused but still full of surprises theme like that of the end of days/ apocalypse/ doomsday or however you might want to call it?

Well, you get Good Omens and then you laugh so hard you get belly aches and cry like a baby and the people you happen to live with ( perents, colleagues, partners) start worrying about your sanity.

I’ve never really imagined how can two or more persons gather around the writing table and write a book together. One writes the first two words or sentences and the other continues with two of its own and in the end they see what happens?

I guess not, and I cannot stop, while reading the book, imagining Terry Pratchett writing some pages and Neil Gaiman coming along and saying, nice but you know what would be fun here: let’s say this, and make him do that, or let’s bring  along this character and make him use this incredibly funny line.

It must have been so fun writing Good Omens but it is a lot more interesting, relaxing and funny reading it.

I’ve just finished the fourth novel from Stephen King’s Dark Tower series and after a day’s break I started reading, actually re-reading Good Omes.

How can a book be just as funny the second time I read it? Well it’s a Pratchett book enhanced by the presence, as co-author of Neil Gaiman and it feels like a joy ride.

While with King even the good characters were somehow dark and gloomy with these two even the bad ones are in the end ridiculous and especially…human.

It’s a book about the Antichrist but it’s like most of these author’s book, also a book about human nature, about a fate so funny and twisted it seems to have been designed by Murphy ( the one with the Laws, ofcourse)

I will try, as I’l advance with the reading, to present you some of the characters and it feels right to start with Crowley.

Crowley is, as you might imagine, a demon. Not an ordinary demon but the one who tempted Eve with very good arguments. He was first in Heaven, he fell because he was involved with the wrong people, then in Hell, but since the fall of man has moved to the Earth which he likes best, especially the nineteenth century.

Crowley has moved on, as compared to his fellow demons and he has adapted his “job” to the time he lives in. For instance, while Hastur and Hatur, old school demons, work by tempting one soul at a time Crowley has learned more effective ways, like blocking all the mobile communication for a while on a great area ( oh the swearing and the cursing, all that tarnish on all those souls..).

Crowley receives, close to our days, a new, very important task, that of delivering the Antichrist to a local hospital and switch it with the newborn baby of a diplomat but he is not quite pleased with the task, since he is very fond with the world he has helped come into being by causing the fall of man.

Do you wonder what will happen next? Well, you will have to stick around while I will continue reading and I will make the story unfold for you too.


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  1. Omg, I really got to read this one!!


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