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Ep 22 The End of One More Story

“Forgive me not. This is my gift to you, as I walk away from a story not yet told, not yet lived, not even fully imagined.

Forgive me if you may, hate me if it helps but forget me not for I did you wrong as I do myself, as I leave and look back and stop and wait for someone to stop me though I know you do not even imagine that I would leave you today.

I never imagined it either but now it feels so easy just taking step after step in the lovely breeze of a day meant for escapes.

I do not run away, I just step into a future different from the one we imagined together just moments ago. It feels lonely, it feels scary, and it feels full of long empty nights, of remorse and tears but then again this is also how I felt our future together.

I say forget me not and I would have said forgive me not if I would have wanted to be cruel but I wish you instead to forget me if it helps.

I write my own stories and I carry my own guilt, to Heaven or Hell and back.

Forget me not, for I would have never forgotten myself if I would have stayed.”


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