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The Dark Tower

There is, somewhere, a Dark Tower connecting all the “when’s” and all the “where’s”, the multitude of universes and the lives we have in every one of it. 
I say “we” because I like to believe that I am a character in one universe, reading about the truth and thinking it’s nothing more that excellent fiction. 
The Dark Tower got me and got me good because I read in every free second one more page, one more step in Roland’s saga. I have never waited for a book so anxiously as I waited for the order containing the last 3 novels of the series. 
Now I am reading The Wolves of Cala and wishing to read more and more but also thinking that ending the story will be such a sad moment. 
I understand why most of King’s readers, the real, convinced ones, consider this his masterpiece. 
It is so because it stands in his prose as a dark tower, and “axis prose”, as the real tower is the “axis mundis”( wrong plural probably but there are multiple worlds involved). 
I like the story, I love the references to all those other great books he wrote and I have read and I like the way he uses themes and motifs so used that no one expected them to be able to bring something new to an advanced reader. 
King did the trick and got me caught in a story that resembles LOTR but is so much different, resembles The Stand but not quite, makes me think of magic but also of a post nuclear apocalypse and makes me sleep with the lights on when I’m home alone.. 
The Legend of King Arthur, The Wizard of Oz, his own works( Salem’s Lot, The Stand, The Apocalypse, The Talisman), Cowboy Movies, LOTR, and many other references, they all merge under his touch in one great story of our world, a story moving from the past to the present and the distant future, from here to there and beyond. 
Reading the Dark Tower has proved to be a feast for my imagination since King knows too well how to say the essential and let you figure out the rest, how to get you alert every time you seem to think that the story is setting its course as if following the path of the beam. ( fellow readers will know what I mean ) 
It does not, because the story has no rules except the ones of the Ka and the characters are so real and well define that they will never cease to surprise us. 
I will soon finish reading this story too, and as I think about the moment I will say farewell to my newly discovered friends, there is only one thought that makes me feel better: 
 As Jake, in the first novel, said, while letting go and falling into the abyss “there are other worlds than these”, I say to myself: “There are other great books than this”.


7 Responses

  1. Astept rezumatul povestii. 😛


  2. @Ale: Eu dorm cu lumina aprinsa de cand mi-ai aratat stirea cu testoasa care a muscat de nas un reporter, nu de cand citesc The Dark Tower 😉


  3. Dar stii ca era zi cand a fost muscat…si nu e vina testoasei ca stai cu ea la nas. ;))


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