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May you have a wonderful week!

Since I am thinking about changing my photo camera and I spend hours checking out Sony, Canon and Nikons maybe I should think big and put my eye and hands on a Hubble. It is especially famous for it’s zoom.

Then I will post and take credits for images like these:


P.S I trully hope no one will think about commenting and explaining to me that Hubble is a telescope and not a  cool photo camera. 🙂


9 Responses

  1. thanks! cool pictures..


  2. Well… actually doar urmatoarele (ex-)componente Hubble sunt (si) camere, restul nu ating spectrul vizibil sau sunt alt tip de instrument stiintific:
    – FOC (Faint Object Camera)
    – WFPC/WFPC2 (Wide Field and Planetary Camera)


  3. Well, Nasa a ales recent Nikoane pentru misiunile spatiale, so there’s your answer 🙂


  4. Un bun prieten imi recomanda Canon si un fotograf pe care il admir imi recomanda Nikon. Tough choice…


    • It doesn’t matter. I’ve used Nikon, Canon, Yashica, Rollei, Contax, Minolta, Panasonic. Nu conteaza. Conteaza doar cum te impaci tu cu aparatul. It’s just as with dogs: some people get a German Shepard, others get a Fox Terrier and are 100% satisfied with their choice. Both dogs basicaly do the same thing: walk on four legs and bark.


    • Orice ai alege intre Canon si Nikon e ok, don’t worry. Am folosit ambele sisteme si decizia finala tine de detalii, unde e chestie de gusturi,obisnuinta, etc.
      Good luck!


  5. Le-am aratat pozele colegilor si au ramas impresionati de ce poate face un amarat de point&shoot de la canon. Dar stiu ca nici un nikon mai avansat nu e de lepadat. 😀


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