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This year’s author

When it comes to books, this year surely belongs to Tolkien, as last year was Stephen King’s DarkTower and the year before that must have belonged to Terry Pratchett.

 I’m into series lately, moving from a fun Discworld to  future Dark Towers (almost horror ones) to Hobbit tales. It’s funny that King wrote his DarkTower series inspired by Tolkien’s work and it feels like I’m moving backards in time but through such magical worlds, with such lovely or hateful characters that make me feel the stories so close and personal.

 I’m stuck into fantasy and science fiction you might say, I’ve said good bye to “real” and realistic literature but to be honest, I am stuck in such magical places that I do not really mind being cut from “reality”.

 I go to sleep every night after escorting Frodo, Sam and lately, Gollum on their way to Mordor and the story, written so well, catches me even if I already know the ending. Thank God the movie makers didn’t put all the details from the books in the movies and let me room for nice surprises and interesting characters.

 It’s the first time when I am confrounted with the situation of reading the book after seeing the movie and not minding at all. The characters in the movie are great, better than I would have imagined them and reading the book now is like watching the movie but in my mind, and the extended version, and there are still things to imagine on my own and make it a challenge.

 I am approaching the end of the second volume as nights go by and sometimes I feel like postponing the ending, and sometimes I feel like browsing the book on fast forward and getting to the other works of Tolkien, the ones that are still a mistery to me, like Silmarillon and see what happens there too.

I will read other books this year, as I have done before, maybe we will have some Bookfrenzy editions and “serious” books will surely be on my reading lists.

Nonetheless, this is Tolkien’s year and I am very happy that I’ve decided to take a long walk through the exquisite world he has imagined so vividly.


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