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The End

“Only death is for ever, isn’t it? The pieces of our self dying with every wrong choice, with every lie, with every treacherous deed, never grow back. We are amputated by our choices and by the choices of our loved ones. We are crippled by stupid jokes that are misunderstood, by the moments in which we feel abandoned, by lies, above all by lies and deceit. Lies for the greater good are still lies, lies are always for the sake of the liar. Liars do not die, they grow with their webs of lies, they become bigger and bigger while the ones that are being lied to wither and die, piece by piece, word by word, tear by tear.
Some actions hurt the same, they burn and tear at your inner being, they make you loose control and fall to the ground. Of course that you can keep smiling and move on but inside you are utterly and for ever dead. We are all full of scars on the inside behind flawless complexions and pretty smiles. If I’d keep my soul on the outside, like a flag or more likely like a handkerchief hanging from the back pocket it would be worn and torn and full of so many marks.
You cold make it all glittering and new, you can put as much sparkle and paint as you wish but at its basis it would still be full of  the signs of so many battles lost.
Being alive or being whole, even being sane is not a sign of victory. There are no victories in the world I see around me tonight, not even the tears some suspect. There is silence and solitude, there are trembling hands and pounding hearts. The winner is nowhere to be found, the body of the the victim, likewise.
What died today is a mere thought, an idea connecting two, oh so different, entities that are no longer what they used to be and will no longer be what they, so foolishly, took for granted.”


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