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Lucky Day

This is starting to look like the best year ever. I must be the luckiest person alive, at least today. From now on I’ll be shining my traveling shoes for an unique one week trip in…Finland.

This is one of the coutries I did not dare to put on the wish list due to the extremely high prices so how can I feel other than lucky and sooo happy when I just got the news that I will spend one full week there with all the costs included involved in a very nice and relaxing activity, with a flexible schedule and with my camera at close hand?

This is also a special day for a very…sort of romantic reason, so I must declare today the best of 2012 so far.


3 Responses

  1. You are very lucky, indeed 😀 Have fun there!


    • I just saw that I was selected with 11 other participants from 12 different countries out of around 200 applicants. I must note this day as being extremely lucky and next year I’ll buy a lottery ticket 🙂


  2. Nooo, cand dai vesti din astea bomba… NU intelegi!!! Trebuie sa imi povestesti!!! TOT!!!!!


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