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Ode to the voice of God

Every time I see documentaries about the Universe and time

panic strikes

not because I feel small as compared to the universe

not because of the voice of Morgan Freeman

but because only then I realize that I will someday die

and that someday is a mere blink of an eye away.


I try not to blink for a while, I shrug and cry

and know from experience

that I will not sleep for a couple of nights

just until my self image

will grow right back

and reach the size of my time bubble

– my personal chaos and universe intertwined.


I count my closeness to death in panic strikes

as if I’d mark my gain in height

and not my closeness to an end

full of dread and the fading last words of the voice-over.

Damn you, Morgan Freeman!


4 Responses

  1. I know the feeling…


  2. One of my favourite figures alive:) I assume you’ve seen “The Bucket List”… such a nice movie! 🙂


    • He’s my favourite too, but he’s still sending chills down my spine in those documentaries.. I just can’t help feeling small and helpless and one step away from…the inevitable end, and I start to associate that feeling with his amazing voice.


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