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A “wonderful” day


Thanks for ruining my day and in long term my trip to Finland. I cannot wait to spend more than 20 hours in airports due to the fact that you had to go bankrupt from one day to the other but you were so kind that you kept selling stupid worthless tickets until the very day of your bankrupcy.
Thank you so much, you are just wonderful and special and you will always hold a special place in my: Things I hate list.

Sincerely yours, your 500 € poorer ex customer.


6 Responses

  1. Pfai, auzisem de faza cu Malevul, dar nu stiam ca ti-ai luat deja bilete la ei. Si chiar te lasa fara bani?


    • Mai rau, nu pierd banii insa pierd legatura catre zborul de Helsinki – Kokkola luat la Fin Air. Pe ei nu ii intereseaza ca a dat Malev faliment si nu am cum sa mai ajung in Helsinki si se asteapta sa ma prezint pentru imbarcare, dar deocamdata nu am zboruri “compatibile” iar putinele solutii posibile sar de 400 de euro, fara sa iau in cosiderare cazarea extra in Helsinki o noapte sau doua…


  2. Oh, crap. Imi pare rau sa aud asta. Chiar nu este nicio solutie? Macar din Varsovia sau Viena?


    • Se va rezolva, dar cu chinuri, insistente si de doua ori mai scump decat solutia initiala. 😦 Trebuie sa sun zilnic la agentie si sa insist sa se rezolve.


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