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Out of country notice

I’m finally putting my traveling shoes on and heading for a new adventure. Just a few days away from projects, deadlines and worries, to discover new cities and a tiny country I’ve heard so much about.

Four days, 2 countries, 2 new cities and a spectacular range of mountains I cannot wait to admire and photograph.

This is the rhythm of life I like, on the run, with my camera and good friends around, doing what I like the most : exploring the world one step at a time.

 This is trip number one for 2012 and I’ll make sure it will be wonderful.

I’ll post one photo a day as promissed if the wi-fi will work properly at the hotels. Otherwise I’ll get back on Tuesday.

P.S Dear robber, please ignore this post and do not even think my humble home might interest you while I’m away. The only valuable possesion is the D90 and it’s coming with me everywhere. 😉


One Response

  1. Have an amazing trip with lots of secrets to discover with your eyes, mind and soul, and bring us a little with your D90 :)!


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