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Which way for my right future?

I hate it when I let my professional life get in the way of my passions. I have now reached the point in which all my energy is consumed by work and it will continue to be so for the next 8 months while I am in charge of this new project. I like my new task and it should be rewarding enough because it makes me think outside the box, communicate, find solutions, be persuasive and practice my project management skills but I sometimes realize I would like it even more if I’d be in a forest “hunting” for spring flowers with my camera or wishing that I’d have the energy to go out cycling after work.

Sometimes I feel that part of me is meant to be a corporate robot ( with a creative side) and sometimes I feel I am meant to be an eternal traveler with no other concern than finding funding for my passions and places to discover. ( with a mind organized in a somewhat corporate-ish style)

 Now I am trying to be both and the balance is never quite right.

 I wonder if it’s worth it to work hard for the next 5 to 10 years and hope that afterwards I’ll be able to dedicate all my time to whatever I’ll feel like doing then. I guess not since I’ll already be old, but unfortunately, I have not been able to find shortcuts for reaching that point faster.

What do you think you’ll do in five or ten years from now? What you want or what you have to?


6 Responses

  1. Oh now, last time I’ve answered to this question I didn’t get the job :))


  2. I wonder that too sometimes. There’s still plenty of time to go sailing, I guess…


  3. Well, life is full of surprises and unexpected situations – which I like so – and it’s hard to say what I’ll do, where I’ll be after so many years. The only thing I pray for is to be healthy so all my wishes may come true :).


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