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Friday Morning Brings Good News

Friday morning, the outlook alert reminded me that in about 16 hours my spring break will begin. Yes, it’s time for a new adventure Charlie, my bags are almost packed and all I have to do is manage to survive the next 9 hours at work putting everything in order and not fogeting, as usual, something very important.

Dear thieves,  please ignore this post and assume I’ll be at home during next week. 

As usual, the  destination is to remain a secret for a couple days until I’ll start posting the photos but I’ll give you some clues:

  • I’ll visit a city rebuilt from scratch, it’s the capital
  • I’ll visit a grim place, one of the darkest and deadliest places in history
  • I’ll visit an ex capital of that country, now a beautiful peaceful city full of castles, museums and beautiful buildings.
  • I’ll visit a silver mine ( that’s not quite a clue, just me being happy about it)
  • Germany and the Soviet Union have put unforgetable scars on the face of this country.

Can you guess where I’m going?  

Well, see you soon dear readers and friends! I promiss to come back with a lot of stories and hundreds of photos.


20 Responses

  1. This is not the weaving thing, is it?


  2. And you’ll take walks by the river Vistula? 😀 Your trips inspire me a lot! 🙂 keep on making your dreams come true. I struggle to do the same.


  3. I’m proud to have such smart and informed readers!


  4. Going in the same country I’ll go in July (can’t say which :P). And no, I did not read the previous comments 🙂


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