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From Poland

Back to work after a wonderful week spent in Poland. If I would have to describe Poland in one word, that word would be Spectacular.

Warsaw and Krakow are amazing, the Silesian region is so green and full of flowers, the food is amazing and the people are so nice you feel like moving there the second day. The language is pretty hard, though…

I’m pretty glad that I won’t have to limit my description to one word and I’ll have the chance to tell you all about my trips to Warsaw, Krakow and Auschwitz – Birkenau event though I won’t be able to tell you all the stories before my next adventure.

The photo choosing and processing will also take a while but I will keep on posting photos meant to help you discover the beauty of Poland.

In the end an advice: if Poland is not on your travel list, put it there. A summer or spring vacation there will be unforgettable. I will surely plan to go to Poland again, someday, as there are so many other things to see, buy, taste and so many nice people to meet.

This is the Poland I love:

Krakow - The Cloth Hall and the Moon


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