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A long story about a short trip – Part 1

08:11.Frankfurt. A guy on a bike just passed by, smiled at me and said hi. Have I mentioned that I am inside terminal 2 atFrankfurt airport?

Oh, and everyone is nice and friendly, it must be because they don’t know that I’m Romanian.

Yesterday and this morning I was so nervous I though I was going to cry just to release some of the pressure. The one from work where everything seems to be falling to pieces when I leave and the one of what was expecting me today: 4364 Km, 3 flights across Europe all by myself just to reach Kokkola, Finland and participate at my willow course.

Yeah, all that distance, time, and effort for a course in which I’ll learn how to make small objects out of willow.

Isn’t it funny, strange and a bit crazy, just like me? I asked a close friend why is he letting me do this kind of things and he said that because no one can stop me and that he, in my place, would never to something like that. ( talking about the trip, not the handmade part of the business)

When I woke up at 3 in the morning I said that I will never do this again, but now, from this spider’s web called an airport, with the first part of the trip completed, the situation is not that bad.

What could go wrong? Besides the risk of getting lost for a couple of hours I guess that I am pretty safe though I suppose that some people get lost for ever here and you can still hear their names on the speakers being asked to board flights that took off years ago.

Back to the subject: Here I am heading to my Grundtvig course where I’ll have to interact with a lot of people from across Europe with whom I only have in common the passion for handmade things.

Being so “lucky”, I have been the only one Romanian accepted at the course while all my friends went to courses with at least two or three other Romanians.

On one hand, traveling alone is a useful experience. Not having to rely on your fellow companion, you interact more and you live the experience to the fullest.

On the other hand, you get lonely and you lose the ability to talk after a couple of hours of staying alone in an airport, and the duty free shopping is not at all fun all by yourself.

This is my third trip this year, I have just finished my ninth flight this year and I will reach my 14th next Saturday.

Then I will take a break since the customs’ controllers have started to recognize me already and they might find my traveling pattern quite concerning.

I’m joking, in fact I’m running out of free days from work  and I’ll have to limit my travels to Romania, which is good because these flights are so energy and time consuming that I feel like in the past 3 weeks I have slept more in airplanes than in my own bed.

Well it seems that airport boredom turns me into a chatterbox so I will stop ranting before I bore you to death.

I will nonetheless try to write a daily report of my activity at the course and the things I’ll visit in the meanwhile. Photos will follow of course.

Wish me luck with the next flight. Oh, wait: by the time I will be posting this, I would have already arrived at the hotel so if you see it you can draw the conclusion that I was indeed lucky.

In the missing 11 hours until the next report, please insert the following pictures and other in the same style and with the same “actors”. Repeat until your eyes hurt and you cannot remember which day is it, what time is it and if at the end of the current flight, another one will follow.


Latvian shore of the Baltic Sea


19:11. Kokkola. What kind of a country closes its malls at 18:00 on Saturday? Well Finland, at least, to my disappointment, since I have managed to find another perfect accommodation close to the train station and the mall, but the latter is already closed and I am already bored.

I guess I should sleep, but the coffee I drank long time ago and did not prevent me from sleeping during all the three flights has started to kick in.

It’s gonna be a looong Finnish night.

P.S: If the length of the post and its lack of coherent ideas scared you, I promise I’ll be brief from now on. This long monologues is just my way of getting over a very long and stressful day.


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  1. Citeam din America fără etaje şi m-a lovit faptul că Ilf şi Petrov scriu despre călătorie, în timp ce tu scrii doar despre tine.


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