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A long story about a short trip – Part IV

You know when you’re starting to learn something new and the first time you do it you seem to be very good at it? Well, trust me,  you really are not, it’s just beginners luck.

So my second basket was not really that good. Actually I have turned one of the baskets I tried to make into a warrior’s helmet, a tiny warrior’s helmet actually. ( please do not make fun of it)

It seems that I can work fast but I am not paying enough attention to details and my imagination is not taking me in the right places :D.

The experience is fun and the techniques are quite useful, I will teach them to the students of my friends when I’ll be going back and I will certainly do some hanging baskets for my balcony.

My colleagues are so creative and talented that it is really a pleasure to talk and work with them so the experience is very interesting.

Talking about interesting experinces, so was the walk in the marshes around the hotel, as you can see better in the photographs below:





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