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A long story about a short trip – Part V

Well, it seems that the story is not at all long, but quite short because I cannot dedicate so much time to writing. The workshop is a real succes and if I would write more it would mean that I am pretty bored but this is not the case. I have promissed myself to write daily and I am doing so, although some nights it is really hard not to fall asleep.

The long story about the best workshop ever will soon follow, after I’ll get back home, put my thoughts in order and make some time for story telling .

My basket for today looked like this:

but there are still some steps to follow before declaring it ready ( and basket-ish looking). I will show you the whole collections of thigs I have made myself on Friday.

The day continued with a trip to a wonderful shop full of things like this:

…and later on, in the evening, we ate Rudolf. Yes, I admit, if Santa Clauds will not come this Christmas it must be because we ate his means of locomotion with our funny mushroom soup. If it’s of any consolation, Rudolf was delicious.

Oh, after this really sad news I must do something to cheer you up so here’s a flower:

Good night dear reader, wherever you are!


3 Responses

  1. I’m proud of you eating Rudolf, but seriously, what’s with the shrooms?


    • Well it’s not the kind of special mushroom that makes you feel…special, but a very tasty variety of wild mushroom. I ate it in the cream soup with smoked Rudolf and I loved it ( it smels and tastes delicious and washes out any remorses about destroying Christmas) although I pretty much hate this type of soups.
      I think that it’s the yelow one from the pic but I must ask my teacher today. I think we have i also in Ro:

      Wild Finnish mushrooms


  2. Chanterelle?? Love them!!!


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