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A long story about a short trip – Part VI

First about the baskets:

Yesterday’s disater turned out to be a succes after my Tatza basket turned out quite nice:

Tatza bread basket ( before cutting the ends)

 The next project was a small basket that started out wrong and eneded about the same but I took nice pictures of it to foold you a little bit. ( insert evil smile here)

The finishing of the tatza and the “candy basket ” took almost all day so after finishing the latter we got back to the hotel.

At dinner we had fried moose and reindeer and laughed about the fact that my colleagues will have to confess to they children that they have eaten Rudolf the reindeer. I must admit that Rudolf would be of much more use pulling Santa’s sleigh because as a meal the moose tastes a lot better.

At dessert we had sea buckthorn marmelade and whipped cream and we talked about how great it has been to come here and meat each other, 12 people from 11 European contries so different but still with so many common passions.

During the day I kept thinking about some reasons why it is good to live in Finland ( besides the huge salaries at least compared to the Easern side of Europe) and this is what I put down on my list:

1. The daylight that lasts 20 hours a day. While trecking you do  not have to worry that you will not finish the trip while the light lasts and this is a great advantage.

2. Fazer chocolate 🙂

3. Nothing gets stolen from anywhere.

4. Moose, as a meal and as an animal to meet while walking in the woods.

5. Berries – tens of species of delicious berries ready to be picked up and eaten.

6. Arts and crafts – schools, craft centres, wonderful stores.

7. Alcohol is only sold in special stores ( the only alcohoolic beverage you can buy in a supermarket is beer). The nearest liquor store from the place we are in is at over 20 km away.

Well this was the sixth day of my wonderful finnish adventure. The end is near but I do not want to think about it yet.

Goodnight dear readers! See you tomorrow!

Tatza basket hat 🙂


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