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A long story about a short trip – Part VII ( The Way Back)

Good morning  dear reader ( I almost wrote deer since we’ve talked so much lately about deer, moose and reindeer)! You’ve probably just woke up while I have completed already the first part of my trip from Kokkola to Helsinki.

I did’t have the chance to tell you the story of my final day in Finlad but I will do it as soon as I’ll find the time and the right words, because it has been a quite an emotional goodbye.

I must say that the organizers of the workshp have done a great job while selectig the participats because everyone fit just in and I am sure that some of the friendships born here will last through the years.

It’s strange that the week seemed to pass so slowly while I was here but now, in Helsinki airport waitig for the next flight in the same place like last week, it seems that only a day ago I was waiting for the las flight to Kokkola worried about what expected me there.

Now here I am, sad to go back home and to work with no other travel plans for a while. The day will be long and I will live it to the fullest with two more flights and a 10 hours stay in Frankfurt.

That’s all for now, see you soon with more Finnish stories and images.

Willow flowers



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