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DarkClaudS Cheesecake

In the beginning, it was called « New Yorkcheesecake” but then I improved the recipe and called it mine, but I do not mind if you’ll never remember its name but rather appreciate its excellent taste.

Here are the ingredients:

400 grams of cheese cream – I used 500 grams of mascarpone (I have used Exquisa that I also use for Tiramisu)

2 eggs – I used 3 because I have used extra cream cheese

400 grams of diet biscuits

125 grams of butter (I used Meggle that has a pack just that big)

400 grams of sour cream ( Napolact, off course)

1 almond essence ( Dr Oetker)

1 lemon

200 grams of powder sugar

1rst step:

You grind the biscuits and mix them with the 125 grams of butter that was previously melted. The biscuit powder will become moist and will be easily put into the apple tart shape. Remember to moisten the shape using part of the butter first.

Improvised smashing tool – a glass

When putting the moist biscuits, try to have a small layer also on the margins of the pan, you will see later why.

Step one – completed

Put the pan in the fridge while you prepare step two.

2nd step:

Mix the cream cheese with the 3 eggs and 150 grams of sugar (if it’s  powder sugar your job will be a lot easier). Towards the end of the mixing put two tea spoons of almond essence in the cream.  Mix them all together until you have a pretty hard, yellowish cream.

Delicious cream

Take the pan out of the fridge and pour the cream in. Make it even using a spoon.

Starting to look good

Preheat the oven at 200 degrees for a couple of minutes and then put the pan in. Set the kitchen clock to ring in 20 minutes but check it periodically.

Kitchen clock ( do not carry in hand luggage at the airport, trust me)

The cream must not change color dramatically, but it should get the consistence of a pudding. With my oven, I had to let the cake in for 30 minutes while the third step was in progress.

I love the warm colors of the side of the cream.

3rd step:

Mix the sour cream with 50 grams of sugar, one teaspoon of almond essence and some lemon zest. When the sugar is melted and the mix smells absolutely great check if the first part of the cake is ready, take it our of the oven and pour the second cream over.

Put everything back in the oven and set the clock to ring in another 10 minutes.

4th step:

Cut into thin slices the peaches, pineapple, strawberries of whatever fruit you want to use as topping and prepare them for becoming the last layer of the cake. After the 10 minutes mentioned previously add them to the cake and put it back into the oven for another 5 minutes.

Decorating is not my strong point, I know.:)

When the cake is ready you just have to let it cool naturally and then put it in the fridge over night.

It gets better and better as it spends time in the fridge and the flavors mix. (This does not mean that you can keep it in the fridge for weeks, it will not last anyhow because it is simply delicious.)

Cutting it is quite messy due to the pretty hard top layer of fruit, a problem you would not have if you would choose to use something ele, like strawberry or blackberries.

Well, I hope you liked the tutorial and know everyhing you need for making one yourself. Good luck and pofta buna! 🙂


8 Responses

  1. O nebunie, tb sa incerc si eu ! Arata deliciooos :D!


  2. I like how you call them diet biscuits…


  3. Pffft, acuma mi-am dat seama. Vorbeam cu tine si ma gandeam ca trebuie sa iti zic “La multi ani!”, dar eram prea ocupata spunand diverse prostii si am uitat…


    • Do not worry, nu e o chestie atat de importanta si prea putini oameni stiu de celalalt nume oricum 😉 In august sa nu uiti ca atunci ar fi grav 😛


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