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The day I met Warsaw – Unforgetable

You would be surprised, maybe, to find out that after 3 trips in France, Poland and Finland I consider Poland my favorite. This may be due to the fact that in France and Finland I did not visit the most famous attractions but normal cities or villages but it may also be due to the fact that Poland is absolutely amazing.

You would not believe how beautiful it is and how it makes you travel back in time in an era of beauty and tranquility. The people are nice, the cities are suitable both for partygoers and for silent travelers, the prices are so small, what more could you ask for?


I will try to write the story of my week in Poland and I can only hope that I will find the right words for describing such a country.

We landed in Warsaw on April 21 in the morning and to our delight found out that, our accommodation was in a small apartment with an impressive view:


View from our room


Shortly after unpacking, we went for a walk in search of the city centre, which was only a kilometer away. There we found old houses and castles, wide streets, street performers, kids playing, enchanted tourists, small gift shops.


Did I say old houses? I meant new houses, rebuilt after the war in the exact style of the times they were first built. This was a quite surprising thought for me that of a nation that managed to bring back to life what the war has taken from it while mine is not even capable of preserving what our ancestors have created with so much talent, inspiration and love.


Being so tired after a long sleepless night, we took our walk through the city as slowly as possible, often stopping on benches or in impressive churches to rest our feet and have the time to better appreciate the beauty of the city.

How could you not love a city full of life, music and beautiful, friendly and interesting people?


Later on, we stopped for luch at a nice traditional restaurant next to the old centre square and the food not only that looked great but tasted amazing.


We continued our walk at a steady pace discovering many beautiful places and interesting details. I was fascinated by the jewelry shops full of amber jewels but also by the beautifully colored facades of the restored buildings.

The terraces in the market square were full of people laughing talking and looking around discovering new details at every corner, in every direction.

We walked and walked and took photos and filled our eyes and minds with all that beauty until our feet started to refuse to take us further so we got back to our little apartment to get some rest before discovering the city in nighttime.

The rain was approaching and threatening clouds were making a dramatical entrance in the city. We even saw the rain approaching from the viewing terrace:


With this image in mind, we hurried home where we fell asleep instantly and only woke up 3 hours later when the rain has stopped and the fresh air and the light of the city were inviting us to take a walk.

We did and we discovered Warsaw with a new face, one made up of light and color, but I think that the images will do a much better job in describing the scenery.



This was my first day in beautiful Warsaw and the full story in photos can be found Right HERE.  Enjoy!


3 Responses

  1. Ma faci sa trec Polonia pe lista cu “musai de vazut”!


  2. Şi mie mi-a plăcut mai mult în Praga decât la Paris. În Polonia n-am ajuns încă dar Cracovia e în vârful listei destinaţiilor.


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