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The trip

One upon a time I left on a trip. I had no idea where I was going I’ve just got on the road and started putting one foot ahead of the other. Soon I was in the middle of nowhere, far from the city, far from everyone I’ve ever met, loved and cared about. New people started appearing as I kept walking, some stayed, some left me, disappointed by my invisible cloak of silence, and some became my friends. No one ever really knew me and sometimes that felt just right and sometimes that felt terribly wrong.

They never asked my name, these new friends, they asked where I was coming from and where I was going to, but never my name. I always lied about my destination because I had learn that destinations where required for all the trips taken into that land. The lies kept changing as I kept forgetting the previous one and they grew and grew so big and beautiful, full of wonderful things that never really existed except for in my dreams. Sometimes I stopped and looked around for something familiar, a face, a name, a tree, a mountain, but the scenery kept changing and nothing reminded me of home, of myself, the hesitant traveler that once took a step too far and forgot to look back.

Once upon a time I left on a trip around my life. I chose in a second a painful road instead of a sunny venue close to the beach. I chose a road that crossed mountains, heartaches, pain and tears. I chose the road or the road chose me after one single gesture that meant saying goodbye to all that I have been. I have been terribly wrong or terribly right in my choice. Either one or the other, here I am, in a journey filled with false destinations, with so many lies to be told and so many secrets to be kept. I travel for the love of traveling, for the unfamiliar places, the only ones in which I dare to be myself. I walk around my life and the road sometimes goes in circles, sometimes it goes uphill and so many times falsely seems to be taking me down and down again, to the bottom of a pit full of regrets.

I walk therefore I am and you might think you know me and where I’m going and who I am, but this is just a mask I’m letting you see, it’s a special one, I put it on especially for you.


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