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A tiny miracle

We were rushing towards Kazbegi on a cold, rainy day. I kept my camera close to me and I was looking through the window when we’ve first seen herd. The tiny lambs were so tired that they were resting in the middle of the road. The drivers had to go around them carefully until the shepherds went and picked them up.


We wouldn’t have stopped to take photos had I not seen something out of the ordinary. It was a short glimpse but I was sure I saw something that made my heart beat faster. I asked S to stop and ran out of the car with my camera ready. There he was, the tiniest, cutest creature ever cuddled on the back of the shepherd’s horse because he was too young to walk by himself and keep up with the herd.

transhumanta georgiana

I fell in love at first sight but it wasn’t until I touched the tiny head that I understood that I have met one of those perfect moments in time when you get that fuzzy feeling of love intertwined with peace and serenity from such a small gesture as that of petting the warm, soft head of a newborn calf.

The shepherd was kind and nice to us although we had stopped him from his route and, as you can see, seemed to be quite accustomed to being a model for crazy photographers but in spite of his charisma the star of the day was this little fellow:


This is one of my favorites moments from the seven days spent in Georgia but I have many other stories that will make their way to this blog eventually.

Keep close if you want to find out more about a country about which many legends were made and for the right reasons.



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