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Help save Rosia Montana

Dear readers,

These days Romania passes through a very difficult phase. An illegal, immoral and anti-constitutional law threatens to destroy an important part of our country, a place that represents an universal heritage site and the homes of many locals that fought for their rights for the last 14 years. The law is a crime against the environment and will allow an unprecedented destruction of the forests, mountains and magnificent landscapes Romania is known for.

The place I’m writing about is Rosia Montana, a mountain side village where gold has been extracted for about two thousand years, the traditional way. Now, the Romanian Government has signed a contract with a Canadian mining company giving them the right to extract the gold using cyanide. The extraction will be made on the surface, will destroy 4 mountains, a village with its historical churches and buildings and a community that is now divided into two parts: those who sold their homes and wish for the project to start disregarding the risks for the environment, and those who refuse to sell their homes and let that piece of heaven be torn down and drowned in cyanide and other lethal substances.

The Ministry of Justice, the Romanian Academy and many other important institutions have stated more than once that the project presented by Rosia Montana Gold Corporation is not feasible, it has no real advantages for Romania and the destruction caused will be irreparable.( historical losses, ecological threats, etc)

Ancient Roman and Dacic mining galleries (2000 years old) unique proofs of our ancestors’ mining skills and techniques, wonderfully preserved  and worthy of being shown to the wide world will be destroyed. This archeological site was declared of no interest in order to make way for the approval of the project. The strong resistance of few of the locals that have created NGOs and fought for 14 years against the project is ignored by the Government and the local media. The fact the the UNESCO committee is willing to include Rosia Montana in the world heritage sites is also ignored by the Government.

The law that the Government has just sent to the Parliament for the final vote give inconceivable rights to the mining company. They get 80% of the gold and silver plus the never mentioned but extremely valuable other rare metals the area is full of. Romania gets of this deal a mere 20% of the profits ( but even this figure is arguable due to the conditions included in this contract), a cyanide lake (215 millions cubic meters)  and around 800 work places for the locals, although this last part is hard to believe since the mining is done at an industrial scale and the locals lack the specialization needed.

The illegal contract also says that the gain for Romania will be of 25% of the profits only if during the project ( next 14 years or so) no law that can threaten the project will be passed. This means that Romania will not be able to pass environmental laws that might affect the project owners or it will lose some of its profit share.

The Romanian Government is about to make a deal that will turn it into a hostage of a mining company that has proved that is strong enough to buy the local media and the local and national deciding entities.(mayors, parliament representatives and even specialists in geology or history, people willing to distort the truth as asked by their employers)

Only the Ministry of Justice, the Academy and the Universities protest against the law. The media, so fierce usually for a cause or another, keeps quiet now as thousands of people have organized protests in tens of cities around the country the past 4 days.

Over 5000 people protested on Sunday night in Bucharest against the project and the media either ignored the news or commented negatively on the protesters, their peaceful actions and contested the credibility of our cause all as if following a script provided by their favorite mining company and favorite client for advertising time.

The media campaign that has flooded all the media channels in the past years is a deceit, it manipulates the facts and the viewers and has been promoted by all the televisions, radios and newspapers.

More people would join our cause, but since the media refuses to acknowledge our existence and insists on promoting only the well paid commercials of Rosia Montana Gold Corporation, we can only pass our message through blogs and through Facebook and other social networks.

I am writing this in English because the message of our cause must reach beyond our borders. A scar on Romania’s face ( a crater so big it will be visible from space) is a scar on the planet’s face. Please pass our message to your friends and help us vote against this crime, I truly hope we have the power to stop it before it will be too late.

You can help by promoting this article and by signing the petition to support our cause here:


More on the subject you can find here: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1030279

The photos I took during the protest in Buchrest can be seen here: https://picasaweb.google.com/101276069977748376794/NURosiaMontanaNuEDeVanzare#



6 Responses

  1. Actiunile RMGC au scazut cu 53% dupa ce pontatorul a anuntat ca proiectul e inchis.



    • Si ce proiect au inchis? Crezi in diversiunile lui Ponta sau ale presei? Ai vazut vreo decizie oficiala? Eu nu, si nici nu cred ca vom vedea prea curand.


      • Idiotul ăsta disimulează la greu şi se contrazice de la o oră la alta. Nu te poţi baza pe ceea ce zice. Dar bursele sunt foarte sensibile la zvonuri, în special când vin din gura unui şef de guvern sau de stat, deci boul le-a tras-o puţin la buzunar partenerilor de afaceri. Celălalt dobitoc, căcărău, îşi speculează şansele la prezidenţiale, pentru că ştie că dacă merge pe mâna goldiştilor e pa. În realitate oricum e pa, pentru că nu-s destui idioţi care să-l voteze.


  2. De ce nu comentati in engleza?


  3. Asta cu bursa e tot apa de ploaie. Ia uitati cum a cazut bursa din Londra in 1815 si nu uitati ca pisica va cadea mereu in picioare: http://www.rense.com/general81/3juu.htm


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