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(not quite) a shopping spree

shopping spree

 Quite a colorful spree, I realized once I unpacked. This is just the stuff I got for myself, the secret presents are to remain secret for  just a little while. 🙂

Just an advice: when travelling to Spain get yourself a bigger luggage and a lot of money for shopping. You won’t regret it since it’s quite cheaper compared to other countries, and, quite unusually, the souvenirs ( magnets, pins, decorative items, etc) are beautiful and two times less expensive than those in other countries. This is just one of the reasons to travel to Spain, maybe the least important, but a reason nonetheless.

If you have trouble identifying the items in the photo just ask and I’ll explain as long as you won’t make fun of my owl faced new gloves.(it’s a middle age crisis or something like it)

P.S The Christmas themed jammies did not make it to the photo, neither did some bookmarks and some postcards. Please just imagine an even bigger, colorful pile. 😀


6 Responses

  1. Going to Spain to get double-decker souvenirs… Can you hear me tutting?!
    Love the “El Princip…” Which reminds me I still need to give you a book. In this rhythm you’ll travel across the world and get it yourself before I manage to coordinate everything.


  2. În pungă ce e?


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