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Solitary Book Frenzy

Last week I’ve finished reading the seventh book read this year. Considering last year’s progress, I’m confident that by the end of the year I would have read more than 30 books, that, for sure only if I’ll find a new obsession after finishing Robin Hobb’s books.

I have no doubt that she will remain for a long time on a very high place in my list of favorite authors because she has such a way to play with words and to create real characters that I do not know who could replace her.

Having already passed through stages of love for almost all the other great authors of sagas ( Orson Scot Card and Ender’s books, Stephen King’s Dark Tower, GRR Martin’s – ASOF, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, Herbert’s Dune, Tolkien’s LOTR) I do not know who might be out there, waiting to surprise me and take me out for a stroll through a completely new, exquisite fantastic world.

Robin Hobb was a complete surprise, since she is not as famous as Tolkien or Martin, and the fact that I found one of her books by accident in a bookstore gives me hope that there could be more hidden treasures out there, authors just as brilliant, not yet famous but just as good.

Meanwhile, I try not to read that fast and to enjoy more the remaining books, no matter how much I desire to see the story unfold, because soon I will get to the end of the books and there’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for a book to be written. (George Martin has taught us that very well)

If you happen to know an sci-fi, fantasy or classical literature author I might like just as much let me know, and I will most surely check it out.

If you want to read a good, I mean really good fantasy series please read any of Robin Hobb’s books and let me know, I’m dying to have someone to talk to about my favorite characters.


My up to date reading list is in the page: It’s all about books

 Oh, I forgot to tell you that there’s nothing I would love more than see any of Robin Hobb’s series turned into a tv series as I am sure it would be just as fantastic as GoT.


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  1. Joe Abercrombie is my literary obsession 🙂


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