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Where do superheroes go for comfort?


Being your group of friends’ superhero might just be the worst idea ever. Why? Because everyone likes a superhero but no one can actually befriend one.

When you’re the know it all, do it all, superhero material, even for mundane things like homework, essays, translations, ideas of any kind people tend to abuse your superpowers.

They get used to the good, easy living in the shadow of a super–doer of almost anything and you get stuck in a routine where it’s very normal to be asked at any time to do stuff for people. Yes, those things might be easy for you and hard for them but the thing is that after a while they stop trying to do it themselves and you start getting tired of their stuff.

How about doing your stuff? How about being the normal one? There’s no one around for you to ask: would you look over that ( i.e completely rewrite it for me?)

You become a superhero, micro-scale because you know more or simply because you are more open to trying to do stuff. Because you try to do something better for all those fortunate enough to have you around. You are not smarter, brighter, or even special, you are just willing. And sometimes you should stop.

Ideally, you should stop before the ones that need you stop needing you. Before you realize your utter futility in their times of not needing a superhero.

You were their friend, you really were, but then you started to be the super-doer and they started to feel awkward about asking you to do their things but they kept asking, and you kept doing it although you hated it sometimes, and they kept asking because things were doing really well.

Then gratitude became a burden, and it got in the way of your friendship although you never asked for it. Congrats, you’ve just lost a friend and gained nothing much. That’s what it happens when you are too nice, too good, too willing .

Teach a friend to do stuff, but don’t do it for him more than once or he’ll stop being your friend and turn into your owner, and people who own people are never really nice.


My question is, what do you do after you do all the wrong things? When all your friends are your owners, and then they stop needing you or things get so weird they don’t feel like asking you anymore?

How do you overcome the sadness caused by the overused and over-abused niceness? How do you deal with the loss of people you called friends? Who do you turn too, poor, pathetic, superhero of lost, insignificant causes?

Is there a god of pocket-sized, friendly packaging superheroes? Is there a club of overly nice, misunderstood and abused friends?

 Where do superheroes go for comfort? This is not in any way a trick question. I would truly and honestly like to know.

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