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DarkClaudS in Iceland – a comic book

Ok guys, you might have noticed I’ve been to Iceland recently. In fact I am sure you did because I told everyone about it. Now, thinking more cooly about it it might look like bragging but I assure you that my telling about it is just a way of expressing my enthusiasm about that amazing country and my trip through it and nothing more. I love travel stories and I write my own so bear with me through this story that will definitely reach new peaks of narcisism as it is full of photos of myself in Iceland.

This is a first for many reasons, among which the fact that I only post photos of myself on Facebook where narcisism is a must and the second being the fact that nobody takes my photos during trips since I am the group photographer. I can count numerous occasions( trips, some two weeks long) in which I took thousands of photos of people and places and only got one badly focused photo of myself  and nothing more.

The cruel irony is the fact that my best photos are portraits of my friends that I will never be able to publish since they are so secretive ( and a bit crazy).

Returning to Iceland, I have recently received a lot of photos of myself during the trip. They are so much fun you have to see them too so here it is, a story in fun images.

Please ignore the colorful mess of my winter wardrobe. My brain froze while packing and I did not realize I was that pink + red plus some more pink until it was too late and I was hurting everyone’s retinas in the Icelandic winter landscape. In my defense I must state that some of that gear was a present, I am not a pink freak.

Photographing the Oslo Opera House at 1 am on December 1rst because all you can do after a delayed flight and a hitchhike from the middle of nowhere to Oslo is check in and go out to take photos.


When only your socks are dry and you’re happy about it watch out for waves. Or not. Photobombing a friend while being water bombed by the ocead who did not care much about my artistic endeavour. Ouch, that was cold. Jokulsarlon, I still love you!


And by wet I mean wet wet wet. And not caring much. My poor poor camera…

DSC_0357       DSC_0349

About that time we figured out why the car upholstery was made out of leather as we carried tons of rain and ocean water inside each time we got out and back in.

So much color, so much cold, and let’s not forget the wind.


I saw that caracter in a Japanese horrow movie. Oh, wait, it’s just me 😀


A tripod sherpa is a good friend willing to carry your tripod, protect your camera for rain or act as a tripot stabilizer in time of rain, wind and other forms of terrible weather.


Enjoying the view. The prettiest glacier I ever saw, I must find out the name from Ingi, I was so excited to be there I forgot to ask or take a photo of the sign..


3rd degree encounter with the Icelandic fluffy horses. I love those guys, they are so cute. We talked a lot about the risks of becoming sandwiches and told them as I told Ingi a thousand times: horses are pets, not food. Extra pink alert, by now you must think I am a powerpuff girl or something. The truth is my friends get me colorful clothes because they don’t want me to get lost in the snow.

DSC_0719Defying the laws of gravity, what was I doing here? I have no clue.


With the tripod sherpa, looking for the troll queen. This is one of my favorite photos.


Freezing at Gullfoss, unforgetable.

DSC_0854 DSC_0904

Urban explorer. Confused urban explorer.  Extatic urban explorer meets Icelandic blue(ish) sky.

DSC_1568                    DSC_1627

Have I ever told you we are boat geeks? We never miss out old boat musem so we really loved visiting Odinn. We wrote them a note about our love and we even did an exercise to see if we all three fit in a lifesaving boat. ( I will not show you that photo, no way)


And then it was bye bye Iceland, nice to see you again Norway and a day trip to the Oslo Opera House.


And the sad time of going back home, that we never photograph, came. That was it, a lot of photos that might not say much to you but I find them fun and full of memories.  It was one of the best trips ever despite the weather and the short days. I loved every second of it and cannot wait for the next trip, not so far away if I come to think about it.

I need to thank my friends for the photos and for the companionship.  Luv you, guys!


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  1. Enjoyed reading your travel story and love all your colors, even though they are red and pink. Anna Magnea would say that you are never to pink. She just loves pink. Now i can call you the pink ladies 🙂 Hope to see you again in Iceland and in Romania. Best regards from the stormy cold weather in Iceland.


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