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Photo of the week 1/2015: Dreams of Howth

Oh, the happy times I used to post at least a photo a week, how much I loved them and how bad of me to quit posting my photo of the week that used to take me out of the comfort/ laziness zone. But I will be lazy no more and post again the photo of the week starting from right now and here are the rules: I will do my best to post each week a photo taken the previous week, or the current one if inspiration strikes. If I will find myself photo-less one week I will go through the millions of photos in the archive and look for something worth posting and sharing. The old photos will be marked with an (r) for retrospective. The photos will have stories or short descriptions unless I will get lazier than usual.

This will be tough so bear with me and help out with some kind of feedback, this might help me keep on track.

The first photo of the series, brand new, will not get a description but I dedicate it to my dear friend and sister in arms, Alexandra, who also dreams of Howth.

CSI_8788_dream of Howth


5 Responses

  1. Hugs! Did you climb that hill in the photo? The view is amazing! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos and hear all the stories!


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