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Good news for readers and friends

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I don’t know about you but I took the disappearance of Google Reader quite badly. That is I failed at finding an appropriate replacement reader and quit reading a lot of blogs that had entered into my daily routine during the age of G Reader.

Without it my interest moved to Facebook partially or faded away, as it has probably happened also with former readers of my blog. I found, instead, things to follow on Facebook, started writing less on the blog and things went down from that. Now the blog is in some sort of a slumber and I am trying to find out if it’s worth reviving it or not.

To do so I will put one more effort into it and I invite all of you to help me out. If you like the chaotic, sometimes boring and sometimes surprising blog of mine and you have a Facebook account hit me with a like on my new Facebook page: DarkClaudS Blog.

By doing so you’ll show me you want me to continue writing about my travels, post my photos and share personal experience and interesting facts  and you’ll make sure to be up to date with everything I post on darkclauds.com since all the posts will appear instantaneously on the page also.

The part that is the cherry on top of the cake is the fact that we can chat on FB easier and I look forward to that.  Remember to check my page, quite empty right now but soon filled with surprises, share and like it and let’s keep in touch.

Big hugs for all my friends, followers and readers. We might not interact too much but you are there and you make me happy.

Oh, if you do not have FB do not worry, you will find everything here, as usual, or even more, since I plan to tell you a lot of stories in the following months.



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