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Wild (and wonderful)life

I have always been fascinated with flight and birds, but only recently started taking photos of birds, quite badly for now, but I think practice is the key to success. Last Saturday I had the chance to practice this skill, not with the most apropriate lens ( that was at home) but with the next best thing and since I was in a place that is some kind of bird heaven I saw some really cool species. Among them, the white-throated dipper, that I managed to identify later, who put on quite a show for me and even shared some insight on its diet. ( or crustaceous life saving techniques; from drowning, that is) 😉

10Here is the dipper in flight:

9_resizedAnd here preparing to grab lunch:

CSI_9851 CSI_9854


This is about it, my first wildlife catch. Soon to come, from the same lucky day, some shots of really cute in love mallards and some birds of pray that I have yet to identify.

Stay in touch, dear people, and do not forget to share the love. The blog has now a Facebook page that so hard not to like. 🙂


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