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This week’s book: American Gods

I am starting to love Neil Gaiman​ and it’s mostly due to my last read: American Gods that I’ve devoured in a few days only. That book is like a good action movie, just what you sometimes need. Yeah, I know, this is not what most people look for in books but when you’re tired and your poor brain is twisted and bent terribly on a daily basis you need to get away in a place as different as possible from all things real, boring and bland.


One cannot but enjoy a universe in which Gods are petty old men and women, egoistic, murderous, shallow and vain, just like the men and women who invented them.

Now I have a better view of the part of Good Omens that is due to the vision and talent of Neil Gaiman and I look forward to reading his new books in what must be my last year dedicated to fantasy and sci-fi.

If you’re interested in a good read on the never ending subject of religion and what people make of it an want to have a lot of fun then you shouldn’t miss the following books: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, Small Gods by Terry Pratchett and American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Beware, these books are utterly funny and they ridicule a lot of things silly people hold sacred without truly understanding so do not go down this road if you have a stick up you’re a** and please do if you are open minded, you will enjoy the ride.

 If you’re looking for inspiration and you’re into fiction and variations of it you can look for ideas in my reading list although lately my reading style copies my music listening one: I just discover or rediscover an author and read everything he/ she has ever read if I like the first read. Anyways, here’s my reading list, I think I might be a record breaker this year if I keep up with the current pace and have a dozen more long flights to catch up on my reading on.


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