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Italy and Darkclauds: it’s complicated

To love or to hate, these were the questions revolving in my mind whenever I thought of Italy. I had one mostly positive memory of Venice and  a not so pleasant experience of  the Umbria region and too many meetings with not so nice people and poor quality services.

To end the dilemma I once more bought tickets to Italy in order to make up my mind and give my verdict. They were a great deal since BlueAir flies directly from Bucharest to Naples and we found the tickets at just 75 euros.

Luckily for me and for Italy also, after the latest trip my decision is that Italy is a country to love, with its perfect places and its flaws also.

I chose a completely new part of Italy, the beginning of summer and jumped in a completely new experience along with some of my best friends.

This time the choice that made the trick was Naples and most importantly its surroundings, the amazing bay of Naples, Amalfi coast and the beautiful Capri.

We flew to Naples one Saturday morning (June 27) and our hosts for the weekend picked us up and took us to our first headquarters in Salerno, at Grand Hotel Salerno, by the beach.

The same afternoon we took a lovely cruise from Salerno to Amalfi, enjoying on the way the lovely views of the famous Amalfi coast, with lush forests, lemon orchards and idyllic houses perched on high cliffs.


Leaving Salerno

From time to time, small fairytale towns appeared from between the rocks to our amazement. The sun was shining, white puffy clouds kept on rolling lazily over the blue skies  and I remembered how much I love the sea although I am a mountain girl at heart.


Now do not get me wrong, I hate sunbathing ( and I consider it dangerous), and I’ll stand on a beach for more than an hour only of you tempt me with a really good book, but I love cruises, the sound and smell of the sea, the sense of freedom and tranquility you can only get with water all around you, even on a busy, noisy ferry during high season.


Positano, I think


Amalfi, the very famous town was not a surprise, but was nonetheless nice, with its small twisted streets, shops and street terraces, its delicious ice-cream and bustling life.

The Amalfi cathedral was a lot nicer that we expected, and finding out that St Andrew’s remains are kept there was a very pleasant surprise.

 amalfi shots 1

We tried to get lost on the small streets and explore hidden parts of Amalfi, but my perfect sense of direction prevented us from getting lost. 😀 Nonetheless, we found just the perfect place for a cute photoshoot. Too bad I forgot to instruct my photographer on the proper use of a camera and on the notion of focus.

  So this must be the best photo of myself during my Italian adventure, I hope you like it as much as I do. 😀

CSI_4758Soon our wandering was ended by our guides who reminded us we have a ferry to catch. We took the trip back in silence, a bit tired after a day that had started too early, quite far away.

  We took one long look at Amalfi and said our goodbyes for now.

amalfi shots 2

We enjoyed a quiet and not very spectacular sunset on the ferry thinking that Italy might not be that bad. Little did I know, the best was yet to come.


To be continued….

P.S You might like to scroll through the rest of the photos of the day. If so, click bravely on the link below. Enjoy!

Italy, July 2015: Amalfi and Salerno

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