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Have you ever seen a “heartfisher”? Me neither until the 31rst of December 2015 around noon when I was freezing to death in a forced stroll through the lovely town of Tryavna.

I had no photo expectations or plans and I was carrying the 70 – 300 lens more out of habit than out of the idea that I might put it to good use. And then it happened, I saw the blue flickr of small wings and realized I was watching the bird I had always wanted to photograph. There it was, bathing in the sun on some branches on the shore of a small river. It even took a dive for food while I was watching it mesmerized, with the wrong lens on, too far to get a decent photo.

I nevertheless tried and after some shots decided to try and change my lens in proper time. Once I managed to fish it out of the backpack and set it with trembling, freezing hand the miracle was gone. The fisher dove for cover under the branches and in spite of my silent prayer he did not reappear for a proper shot.

I stood there waiting for a while, hoping for the miracle to happen but, as any proper miracle, it failed to happen. I sighed and ran after my friends who were now a mile away wondering what in God’s name I might have found so fascinating.

They failed to understand, as always, my joy of having captured even from too far away my first Kingfisher, a true “heartfisher” since I keep staring at this shot whispering that next time and I will do it better.


This was my lucky encounter of 2015 and I still feel the joy of having seen and captured on camera such a small and evasive beauty.



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