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I could probably search my whole life and never find the right words for describing childhood better than this photo I took in the old Jewish quarter in Fes, Morocco.

We were visiting the old synagogue but along with it we also had the chance to glimpse into the lives of some of the poorest people of Fes, those living in the old synagogue, whose children blissfully played on the sunny roof of the synagogue.

Their games were simple, as they must have been centuries ago, and their innocence was so visible through their shy smiles and awkward gestures as we’ve invaded their playground.

I stole this just while we left them to their games, far away from the worries of the world, from thoughts of poverty and expensive gadgets easily obtained and just as easily forgotten.

Blissful childhood might just be the childhood when all you have is a sunny rooftop, two friends, shoes that are too big and just your imagination capable of painting anything on the blue canvas of your city’s sky.


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