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Fortitude in Solitude

Being a photographer is quite easy, you get a big black camera and call yourself one. Then you gen a Facebook page, an Instagram account and post your “work”. If you’re popular or charismatic you’ll get lots and lots of feedback and appreciations and the quality of your work has nothing to do with it.

Oh, this does not sound quite right, let’s watch this from a different angle:

If you’re not (charismatic), you’ll get some feedback but you will  still wonder why your friends cat or child photographed with a phone gets more likes that the shots you worked hard for, the one you think (and you might be terribly wrong) speak volumes in terms of emotions, message, theme…

Then you get stuck, full of questions and doubt, struggling to move forward without really knowing if you’re any good, if you’re on the right path or way into the deep woods of bad photography..

Sometimes luck strikes and a kind stranger offers you feedback and brightens your day. This is what happened to me when out of the blue a photographer I appreciate a lot offered me a different interpretation of a photo I posted and more importantly, precious objective and kind feedback. A few words and signs of support can make such a huge difference, give you so much courage for what’s to come.

The lack of it kills inspiration, makes you anxious and doomed to fail. Isn’t it strange, to find such power in a few words or the lack of them? Isn’t it great to know that a thing you once said or did helped someone be a better version of himself as a person, photographer or whatever?

This is the shot that helped me get my courage back. It’s called “Fortitude in Solitude” and it makes me think of things that will be and although it’s b&w for me it will always represent hope, progress and all the things that make you smile all by yourself.


Thank you all for stopping by and please, never hesitate to share your thoughts. They are and always will be deeply needed and appreciated.



Some embrace the spectacular sunset, others look away… Which one are you?


“Travel Photography Competition of the Year 2013” – Vote for me, please!

Dear friends,

If you have been around for a while you might have notice that despite my love for photography I do not usually enter photography contests, and there are strong reasons for this, that I will not dwell upon right now.

Last year, though, I submitted a photo to a competition on the “Hitch-hiker’s Handbook” blog and it was chosen photo of the week 29 in 2013.

Now the best photos of 2013 contests are running for the “Travel Photography Competition of the Year 2013” and my photo of Balea glacier lake is among the finalists, in such excellent photographic company that I can hardly express my happiness.


If you want to support me and my photo in the final stage of the contest you can do so by liking and sharing it either on facebook: HERE 

Or by voting on the blog: Blog Gallery  (you must enter your email, the captcha code and press send, then validate your vote from your email)

For more info on the competition you can check the organizers’ announcement right HERE.

For the full gallery of the runners up for the great prize check the complete Facebook gallery here. I would and will vote for all of them, they are such inspiring travel photos of amazing places.

Thank you very much for supporting me!


Your Heart Is An Empty Room

Tenerife mist

Hanging clouds



On the other side of the Caucasus the landscape is completely different from the one in Svaneti Region.The green valleys are replaced by barren ones, the mountain is scarred by the passage of hundreds of little furious rivers. Sunny and green Svanetia reminded us of spring, joy and hope. Here, the mountain is scarred like the face of an old man, the atmosphere is gloomy and dark but nevertheless beautiful.


I’m starting to feel we stay together out of fear…

The image goes well with THIS

Ghosts and Shadows

a game of light and shadowshivaLook what you didlate night serenade

Photos taken by my favourite photographer and one of my best friends Ioan.  Check out his work as well as the results of last night’s Star Watch.

Location: Lacul Morii, Bucharest

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