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The end as we know it

Only our silence saved us

From each other and from ourselves

When the universe galloped towards the end

While we slept soundly,

Never trully grasping

the full catastrophe

of having never





I’ve met a ghost the other day

I looked at him, he looked away

 I tried to smile but couldn’t help,

To feel the sadness for his death.


I tried to tell him I can feel

The sadness of his empty being.

He did not hear and did not care

I turned around and let him stare


At all that life has put between

His empty soul, my heart that fills

With everything he does not know,

He lost the day he sold his soul.


I’ve met a ghost the other day

He looked at me, I looked away

I couldn’t tell him he was dead

I looked at him and shook my head


I’m sorry life has hurt you so

I loved you but…. so long ago

Goodbye dear ghost of youth and love

Our time has passed, now let me go.

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